Hank Pym to Visit Wizard World St. Louis (Thanks to Walt Jaschek)

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Hank and Scott

Dr. Pym and his colleage, Scott Lang (miniaturized), will be visiting Wizard World comic-con St. Louis on Saturday, April 6, 2019. If the real Dr. Pym has a last-minute disaster in the Quantum Realm, he will instead send Walt Jaschek of Walt Now Entertainment to appear for him in “Cosplay: fashion.

If you are at the con, spot Walt as Dr. Pym, feel free to take a pic! And if you post it, please tag Walt! He’s on Facebook as Walt Jaschek, and on Instagram as Walt Now. His email is waltjay88@yahoo.com.

Excelsior, Faithful Ones! Wait. That’s somebody else’s line.

P.S. Pic up this business card, too!

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